Credit Cards

GHA offers: VISA® Classic

  • Limits up to $10,000
  • GHA Credit Cards have no annual fee, and a low APR.
  • Falcon Protection ( detecting credit card fraud)
  • Reward Points
  • Online Access

GHAFCU offers advanced security through Falcon, a service included in your membership which fights credit card fraud.

Falcon detects credit card fraud through tracking individual cardholder, transaction, and merchant data. Ninety-five percent of credit card fraud losses fall into one of five categories including Lost or Stolen, Non-receipt (mail theft), Counterfeit, Application Fraud, and Mail Order/Telephone Order.

Falcon recognizes these types of fraud patterns and can determine the risk level through careful examination. If the risk level assessed reveals possible fraud, you will be contacted by Falcon and asked to verify whether or not the activity is fraudulent. If fraud is determined, the account is blocked and the credit card will not be accepted. If you receive a message from a GHAFCU Representative regarding Falcon and need to contact them, call 877-524-7393 for assistance. They will ask for your Member Number, which is your Credit Union Account Number.

With Falcon fraud detection service you can rest assured that you are being protected every time you use your credit card. This is just another way that GHAFCU extends financial convenience and superior member-focused service to you.

Enroll in VISA ONLINE  at to have complete 24/7 access to:

  • account history,
  • bill payment feature, and
  • customer service 

Verified by Visa to reduce Internet fraud.

  • Verified by Visa is a unique service that helps protect Visa card numbers against unauthorized use by asking for additional verification when an online transaction is initiated.
  • Download our Card Valet App GHA Fed Cu to turn your visa card off and on when not in use and recieve alerts for low balance or for each transaction.

Customer Service, Balance Inquiry and Lost Stolen Menu Line call # 1-877-524-7393.

If you suspect fraud please send us a letter listing the fraudulent items.

Register your card at   **points are good for 2 years from date of purchase.

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