Fees Applicable to All Accounts

Returned Deposit Credit Union
Return Check  $35.00 per item
Redeposit Return Check Fee $5.00 per item
Stop Payment Credit Union Check $30.00 per item
Research Fee $20.00 per hour
Statement Copy $5.00 per month
History of Account $5.00 per request
Withdrawal Limit Credit Union Check
2 Credit Union Printed Check withdrawals per month free: each check after: $5.00 per check
Wire Fees
Domestic $20.00 per item
International $35.00 per item
International in Euros $20.00 per item
Late Wire  Domestic After 1:30 pm $20.00 per item
Automatic Clearing House Fees
ACH Returns $35.00 per item
ACH Stop Payments $30.00 per item
ACH Overdraft /Transfer Fee When File Is Received * $10.00 per item
ACH Notification of Change $5.00 per item
Checking Account Fees
Overdraft /Transfer Fee When File is Received * $10.00 per check
Insufficient Funds $35.00 per check
Stop Payment Fee $30.00 per check
Copy Cancelled Check $5.00 per check
Reconciliation Fee $20.00 per hour
Daily Overdraft Fee Incurred after 6th day $5.00 per day
ATM/Debit Card Fees
Withdrawals $1.00 per action
Replacement Pin $5.00 per inquiry
Replacement of lost Debit Card 1st X $10.00 per card
Replacement of lost Debit Card 2nd X $20.00 per card
Replacement of Final/Last Debit Card $25.00 per card
Debit Card Rush Fee $50.00 per card
Money Orders $2.00 each
Cashiers  Checks $2.00 each
Dormant Account Fee $10.00 per month
Early Withdrawal from Christmas Club $5.00 each

* When the Share Draft or ACH file is recieved and the account does not have sufficient funds, a Fee will be charged to transfer from another account or if you bring in the funds after the fact.