Other Services

Wire Transfers, Domestic and International

GHA Federal Credit Union offers wire transfers to its members to and from other financial institutions. The cost for this service is $20 per wire in the United States. (Costs vary on international transfers). You must contact the recipient financial institution for wiring instructions. Availability of funds depends on the financial institution transferring the funds. Your signature is required on our form prior to processing the transfer, additional information may be required to verify identity. 

Funds are to be wired to:

  1. Bank Name:  Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, 1021 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12205.  ABA/ Routing #271987635.
  2. Further Credit to: GHA Federal Credit Union  Account # 221174045
  3. Final Credit to: "Your Name" and "Your Account Number."

Please remember to include the account suffix (ie: "001" for Share Accounts and "010" for Share Draft Checking) at the end of your account #.

For more information about this service or for international rates, please call 203-863-3450.

ACH Origination

Our (Automated Clearing House) Origination service puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to steering money in and out of your account. Our ACH Origination service simplifies the business of doing business. We can send money to a specific account outside the credit union or we can pull funds from an account to deposit into your account at the credit union. Come and talk to us today, all we need is the routing number and account number.

Notary Services

Notary Public Service is offered at no cost to all of our members. You may take advantage of this service by visiting our office.

A Notary may:

  • attest to the signature and execution of documents
  • authenticate the execution of documents
  • authenticate the content of documents and facts recited
  • administer oaths and declarations
  • act as power of attorney
  • verify corporate records and contracts
  • verify (via translator) translations of documents into English and from English
  • administer copies of Notarized documents
  • oversee international domain name transfers

For more information about this service, please call 203-863-3450.

Signature Guarantee

A Medallion imprint or stamp indicates that the financial institution is a member of a Medallion signature guarantee program and is an acceptable signature guarantor. By participating in the program, financial institutions can guarantee customer signatures with the assurance that their guarantees will be immediately accepted for processing by transfer agents.

Money Orders

The Credit Union offers money orders for a fee of $2.00 each.

Direct Deposit

Save yourself a trip to the Credit Union by using Direct Deposit to automatically deposit your paycheck into a GHAFCU account. Use Direct Deposit to automatically deposit all or a specified portion of your paycheck into your Credit Union account(s). It's a great way to regularly deposit savings.

If you would rather begin your weekend than battle traffic on your way to the credit union, then you need direct deposit in your life!

With so many responsibilities pulling at your time, Direct Deposit can help you enjoy the time you have, by eliminating the responsibility of personally depositing your checks. Read on as we explain the many benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Time Saving - No more driving to the Credit Union to deposit your check
  • Flexible - Route funds to Savings, Checking or Money Market Accounts
  • Consistent - Checks are deposited on time and accurately, even if you're out of town
  • Safe - Alleviate concerns about losing a check or having it stolen
  • Fast and Convenient - Have instant access to your funds, there's no "hold"
  • Profitable - Your money earns interest immediately, if deposited to a Savings or Money Market Account
  • Traceable - Your monthly statement will reflect the deposit

Payroll, Government, Income Tax Returns and Retirement Checks are eligible for Direct Deposit. To initiate Direct Deposit of U.S. Treasury Checks (i.e., Social Security, Civil Pension, Disability), contact a customer service representative for a Sign-up Form. For private employer pay, please consult your employer to originate Direct Deposit. The Credit Union's Routing and Transit # is 221174045.

Automatic Teller Machine

Members can access their accounts around the clock at Cirrus® or NYCE® ACCEL, The Exchange ATM networks. The ATM offers the ability to withdraw, transfer or check balances 24 hours a day. A $1.00 transaction fee will be charged for each withdrawal or inquiry transaction (that is at a non-Credit Union Machine) Transaction at the GHA Federal Credit Union ATM 5 Perryrige Road s free of charge be aware, however, that non-Credit Union Machines may assess a "surcharge", if you do not use the Allpoint network. If your card is lost or stolen please call 1-800-554-8969.