Bill Pay

e-Pay is an electronic bill payer application that allows members to access, view, and pay their monthly bills over the Internet from anywhere at anytime this is a Free service with a checking account. You can also sign up for Zelle, once you have sign up for Bill Pay. 

With e-Pay, members must be enrolled in Home Banking, click on a specially designed link and enroll to pay their bills online. With this service, members can perform functions such as entering and maintaining payees, scheduling payments, and examining and downloading payment history data.

Electronic Bill Payment simplifies bill paying and saves time. With this system, there are no more trips to the mailbox, checks to sign, stamps to buy, or envelopes to lick. Members can pay their bills (electric, telephone, credit card, insurance, etc.) online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once a member has signed up for Electronic Bill Payment, he or she can schedule payments to be made directly from his or her checking account. These payments can be made promptly or members can schedule them to be made automatically on a specific day each month.

A brief overview:

Once you have decided to use this convenient service, you must thoroughly complete the set up process. It is very important that you enter your checking account number correctly when using our e-Pay system. To ensure no mistakes are made, please be sure to have your checkbook in front of you.

Listed below are sample checking numbers as they appear at the bottom of all GHAFCU checks:

I 221174045  I    I  00001234510  I   1000

Customer Service # 844-699-2104