New Core Processor. 

1. The new Audio phone number is 800-457-0241 Please use your six digit account number and the last four of your Social Security number you will need a # sign after each.

2.  If your account number is less than six (6) digits you will need to add zeros before your  account number ie. 5864 chg to  005864.  Your initial Pin ( Security Code) to sign in will be the last four digits of your Social Security number. You will then need to change both the account number  and the Security Code (pin) after the first initial sign in. 

3. Request access to the the New "TouchBanking" APP under Self Services in the Home Banking site  the code is ghafcu01. you may also request access to  E-Statements, Remote Deposit and Bill Pay.

4. ACH and Share Draft items are pulled in through the evening. All returns are completed by 10:00 am Daily. Please review you Overdraft protection.

5. All ACH transactions follow the ACH rules by tranasaction code. 

6. Consider signing up for Bill pay or Apply for a loan or Visa Card under loans Apply for a loan.


Show Fraud whose Boss, download Card Valet protect your Card and your Account:

Check Balances- Set Alerts-Turn the Card on and Off- Set Locations-Set Spending Limits- Set Merchant Types. You decide when and how your card is used.



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